How to increase your bookings in Airbnb?

Airbnb is getting more and more popular and it is getting more competitive now adays for host like me. I find my listing bookings getting lesser and lesser as months pass by.

As Airbnb host, this question is the most common question I ask myself .

How can I increase my bookings??

It is not easy and I don’t think there’s guarantee that you will increase your bookings when you do all the tips from others.

But here are things I believe helped me for the last one year of hosting. Hope it will help you too:

1. Value – making sure your price per night is not too expensive compare to the service you are offering (number of beds, location, number of pax allowed). Regularly update your pricing. For example if you don’t have many bookings
in advance, consider lowering your price on that particular week and see how it goes. Updating your pricing will also help by making your Airbnb listing active and most likely go up to the search rank.
2. Great photos – Invest on this! This is one of the most important thing in getting a booking. If you are not getting enough booking try asking others feedback about your current photos. Ask question like :

If you are a guest will your listing photo appealing to you?

Take photos in day time, night time will make it look smaller and dull. Use good camera and engage a professional if needed.

3. Amazing description of your listing

Is your listing title catchy? Do you have Reader Friendly Profile? Use correct
grammar and not too lengthy description. Read my post here about How to create catchy listing 🙂

4. Research about your neighborhood

What is the nearest laundry shop, spa, mall, restaurant, bank, hospital, pharmacy? Take down notes. Try to walk to see how far are these landmarks to your place. You can use google maps or waze to get an idea. Write all this information in your description of your listing and guest book in your listing and you can even print a copy of it in your home for your guest to see.

The more information the guests have in your place, the more likely they’ll gonna book it.

5. Consider your Pricing and be competitive.

Know who are the people who’re also offering the same service (same neighborhood, same number of room/bed) as you are. How much they are charging, how well are they doing hosting?
Also how will you know the price for your home? Compare to other listing, are you charging more or lesser? Use this helpful app called Vayoo App it’s easy to use and it’s free:)

6. Market your listing – Airbnb is a number game. Advertise your listing by posting your link to your social media account. I post my listings in Facebook groups, my own Facebook account and I ask my family Members to share it on their walls. go to your profile and in setting look for “copy link”.

Once you copied it you can now paste it anywhere you want. Join my Facebook group where you can advertise your list in there. Join Airbnb Philippines Hosts Only

7. Complete appliances and kitchen utensils . The question is what makes you stand out from other listings or other hotels out there?

I think you need to provide these basics things in your Airbnb: •Refrigerator •TV •stove / induction cooker • rice cooker • aircon• iron •microwave oven •Fan • water heater • washing machine • pots/pans and utensils

With this they can cook, wash and will feel like they never left home! Now that’s the Airbnb experience you want to give your guests.

8. Awesome amenities – so don’t forget to highlight this. Do you have a pool? Gym? Kids playground or a nice lobby? Go on and brag! If you don’t have great amenities in your house try to see what’s is great around your neighbourhood that your guest will possibly be attracted to. E.g nearest park or mall.

9. Business ready – declare your unit as business ready if your listing have fire and carbon monoxide alarm, Wi-Fi, hair dryer, and computer/study table available. This will make your potential guests who are travelling for business want to book your listing.

10. On your “INSTANT BOOKING” – yes it is sometime scary to just let other people book your place without you screening them but this feature really helps my bookings. I don’t need to approve them and they don’t need to wait for your approval. Means lower chance of you loosing a potential guest.

11. Engaged those who are inquiring

There are guests who are interested to book but don’t use instant booking because they want to know more about your place. They want to know if you can provide the things that is important to them.

Usually I got bookings from this kind of guests because I am committed in answering their questions and explaining to them what can they expect in my place.

12. Give the first timers a shot.

Airbnb is getting more popular hence more and more people starting to try this option. So it means I have a lot of first timer guests who are inquiring and wanting to stay in my place. Those who never use Airbnb before. It is more work yes because sometimes I needed to guide them how to book a reservation, how to use Airbnb and just the basics of how Airbnb works.

Yes it also can be scary and you don’t have any references likes reviews that will tell you that they are trustworthy and will not take advantage of your home. If you don’t feel comfortable with first timers, try to chat with them a bit and give a little more trust. Through this your booking will surely go up!

hope these tips are helpful.

Xoxo, Jackie

For more tips (if you are starting read my previous post)

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