7 Tips in Creating Awesome Airbnb listing

7 Tips in Creating Awesome Airbnb listing

As Airbnb host, one of the most important thing I learned was how to create an awesome Airbnb listing. That’s the reason why I want to be a help to new Airbnb host out there.

Now that your home is ready to accept guest, get ready to face your computer or handphone, or whatever device you use , get a cup of coffee and let us do the work together in creating your airbnb listing:

If you feel like you need more time to prepare your home I wrote a post about How to prepare your new condo for airbnb , This might be helpful for you. Or you’ve been in this business for a while now and thinking how to be a better host? I have post about that Superhost thingy. Check it here!

Going back here are my tips in creating amazing Airbnb Listing. Again, I’m not an expert and I’m sharing from my own experiences:

Here we go:

  1. Take outstanding photos– When I say outstanding, I mean it. Do not post mediocre kind of photos. Plan and prepare for the day of your photoshoot. Prepare your home, put the best curtain and your best sheets. Put some fresh flowers and whatever will make the photo beautiful and outstanding. This will be the main thing your guest will be seeing first. Use DSLR or a nice camera. As much as possible, avoid using camera phone unless you have a very high-end camera phone.

Tip from experience:Do not do photoshoot at night time. It will make your listing photo dead and dark. Daytime will make it look more welcoming and more spacious. If you have small condo, do not use a lot of dark colors such as black sofa, black head board, black dining set it will make the space even smaller.

Also take photos of the following areas too and not just the house:

  • Condo Lobby (if any)
  • Neighborhood
  • Nicest cafe around (if you will visit my Airbnb listing, I have Starbucks photo in there as its just a minute away from my house )
  • Swimming pool
  • gym / kids playground

Put up some nice framed photos of your travels and put up some deco. Personalised it and make it feels like a home .

But if you don’t take lots of photos and If you want more modern artsy photos and cheap uniques Ones that you can print: Check this photos❤️

If you have a budget, Airbnb provide a photography service which is previously for free but now they decided to charged 98USD per home. Ouch! I’m glad I got to enjoy these complimentary photography two times before Airbnb took it out.

2. Create catchy Listing Title– Aside from photos, its important for you as a host to pay attention to the title of your listing. Think about the best asset of your place and make sure your title supports the photo you uploaded too. Don’t put spacious if your place is a small condo unit or chic and artsy if your theme is minimalist. I know you get my point. Also, choose words that is short and describes your place perfectly. Too lengthy is not good nor too short.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 1.10.39 AM

This is my actual Airbnb Listing Title and Photo








lt; p style=”text-align: left”> So Here’s what I use to formulate an awesome listing name : Adjective that best describes your home + type of property + place + best amenity Tip from experience: I experimented on a lot of names until I learn from someone that this is the right formula. I can’t even remember where I read it but it seems right for me. You know why? here are my previous titles and you’ll see why:Cozy & Chic Condo : Tomas Morato w/ wifi Boutique Feel Condo w/ wifi < em>The wrong thing with these titles was that I didn’t mention the best amenity I have and foreigners might not have any idea where Tomas Morato is compare to Quezon City. Now my listing have an average of 800-900 views every 30 days. But of course, these are just tips on how you create that catchy title, if you happen to come out with more brilliant way of putting it then go ahead and use that by all means.Fill out the information seriously Once you have an account in Airbnb, proceed in creating the listing. Start writing about your space. Just to give you an Idea what sort of information you need to have when start creating your listing:

  • Your Space
  • Bed, Bathroom and amenities
  • Photos and Description
  • Price, Nights Minimum, Updating your calendar -when is it available or not available etc.
  • Type of Property
  • Number of Guest can stay
  • Exact address
  • Spaces guest can use
  • Toiletries – (if you need a quality and affordable supplier check out my friends company, I tried this and its really good. Check here for Hotel Spa Concierge pricing. )

It’s very easy to understand and follow. If you already have the information you need, you are good to go. Don’t worry if you have not perfected it yet, you can always come back and edit it. Be very honest, as a guest, you expect whatever in the listing. Don’t put the things that you haven’t purchase yet or only planning to buy. Tip from experience: Here and there I book Airbnb for my vacation or staycation. When I’m searching and considering a listing, I check how they write their description. You will have a sense of what kind of airbnb is when you see how the host describe their place. I usually skip listing with very few description and very limited information. Well thats human I think I just don’t want to ask the host every single question I have, I want a place where I can see and read the things I needed to know.4. Sign Up to Airbnb and use their referral system. Take advantage of this referral system because you will only sign up once. If you sign up using a referral, both of you will receive extra dollars.If not you will not have extra money from Airbnb referral system.

  1. Tip from experience: I didn’t use any referral I just go to Airbnb by myself and sign up. That’s a mistake because I could have earned extra $50usd and the one who refer me will also earn. It’s a win-win situation. If I don’t, Airbnb is the winner! If you need one , click here : Earn extra $50 USD when you host

Once you signed up, put a clear nice photo of yourself. This can build trust. “Love at first sight”?. Kidding aside as a guest sometimes I look through their picture and a nice close up photo means the host is not hiding anything, at least of me. Also along with your beautiful picture is a detailed description about yourself that will make your potential guest want to meet you.

  1. 5. Research about your Neighbourhoodlike what I mention in my previous post, take note whats nearest bus station, mrt station etc. What is the nearest laundry shop, spa, mall, restaurant, bank, hospital, pharmacy? Take down notes. Try to walk to see how far are these landmarks to your place. You can use google maps or waze to get an idea.

Tip from experience :I myself went and walk personally, visit the landmarks, snap some photos, get their brochures and check opening hours and prices. I also bought some local maps and printed some food and restaurant map around my area. This will help you assist your future guest when the need arises. 6. Consider your Pricing

So here comes the biggest question :

How much will you charge per night?

  • Do you want to put a deposit?
  • How much is the cleaning fee?
  • Do you charge extra for extra guest?

When I first started, I set an amount how much my listing but I didn’t price it in my expected price yet. I cut it into almost half. My bookings on the first month are fully book I kid you not! In any business, we need to promote our products first, let people try it and tell others their experience. After three months I put up my price. My main goal is to attract as many as possible so I can get good reviews.

I may have not necessarily earned those first three months but its alright because I am investing and building my business for success. .
Tip from Experience : The good thing about waiting for about 2 -3 months to increase your price is that you will have a gauge how much you are actually earning and spending. An airbnb host needs to pay bills -electricity, wifi, cable, water, monthly dues etc, laundry, cleaner and toiletries thats a lot yikes! and I only realised that after 2-3 months. <<<<<<<<
t Airbnb post, I did talk a little bit about pricing and deposit too check out my post here. < span style=”color: #0000ff”>7. Be competitive – if you join airbnb as a host that just wants to practice hospitality and meet new people, then you may not be concern with pricing as much as the rest are. But if you are using hosting as source of income then you should be competitive. Know who are people who’re also offering the same service as you are. How much they are charging, how well are they doing hosting? Also how will you know the price for your home? Compare to other listing, are you charging more or lesser?

I use this Vayoo App to optimize my rental income. It provide me with an extraordinary set of tools and extremely useful information.

This app recommends the best daily price for my home so I can decide how much do I charge . It also makes recommendations on optimal rental periods to maximize occupancy, offers hosts all kind of useful information such as historic occupancy, economic performance, booking activity.

Tip from Experience : my favourite is that this app shows your property page position, last month I see my 1st unit on the 12th rank and my second unit 65th . Why this is helpful to me? Because this bring out my competitive side, I want to put up my rank higher. I’ll work harder in giving my guest extra ordinary experience during their stay, will make extra effort in my communication and how I promote my Airbnb listing so that my rank will go up. I can go on and on but you have to try this on your own, just download the app and play with it.

Hope these tips are helpful ! Happy hosting;)

Till next time:)

xoxo, J

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  1. Love these tips – thank you! I’ve used Airbnb a coupla times and I love it. BUT i’ve never hosted even though I’ve had a spare room so thinking about being a host.


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