Sabah: The Land Below the Wind

We had the privilege to stay in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for 2 months. November – December 2015. We were sent there for mission work but our working visa didn’t get through so we need to leave. We are grateful we had the chance to live there though.

Kota Kinabalu is a beautiful laidback city rich in culture and natural charm. The people were nice and warm as the weather.

Majority of people in Sabah are from indigenous group and the natives called Kadazan- Dusun and Bajau are the largest non-Malay ethnic groups in 3.5milliom population of Sabah.

When I came here I’m surprised that there are many Filipinos here. There’s even a Filipino Market where you can talk to the vendors in Filipino language. And there you go I suddenly felt at home! (Yes I’m a proud Filipino)

Filipino Market

We rented a house near the UMS University of Malaysia Sabah. Huge Condo called 1Borneo. It was very convenient because below the condo is a mall with Giant grocery and Starbucks and everything you need. So in this house Summer celebrated her first Christmas and we are fortunate to have my mom Agnes to be with us and she helped me to adjust being a new mom and a new missionary.

We enjoyed a lot of sunset in Tanjung Aru beach. Just 10 minutes away drive from city. Just 10-15 minutes from this beach is Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. It consist of 5 islands just 3-8 km off Kota Kinabalu. There a lot of tour company you can hire to bring you to the National Park. You can do the following:

  • Island hopping
  • Water sports (parasailing, banana boat, donut )
  • Snorkelling

A local photographer saw us and decided to snap few photos for us and sent to our email:)

This sunset was probably one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen so far. I’m so in awe every time I am there staring at the changing color of the sky.

We also went to Sapi and Mamuntik island to snorkel.

Highlights would be of course the Kinabalu Mountain though I didn’t have chance to climb it as I have 2 months only baby with me.


Dairy farm in Kundasang is a 3-hour drive in smooth but winding road from Kota Kinabalu city.


Aka New Zealand of Sabah

The drive was so scenic that I can literally just stop anywhere and take photo of this majestic mountain. It will be better if you come up early say leave KK at 7am. Later than that the possibility of you seeing a cloudy Mt. KK is high.



My lovely family. With my mom, and Summer just turned 4 months old. She was an easy baby as she don’t really cry a lot during travels.



Beautifully bloomed flowers in Relau, Sabah.



In Dairy farm, we bought fresh milk and fresh milk pudding and yoghurt from the farm.


Fresh vegetables from Kundasang.


We went inside the Kinabalu Park and go to their botanical garden. It is really small but it’s a nice refreshing walk. The air was so fresh I literally can feel that breath better after the 20 minutes trail.





Me and my family we went here 3 times in the span of two months and we can’t help but to still be in awe with its beauty.



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