Bali with 10 months old baby

It’s our second time in Bali and i’m excited that Summer is with us. It’s so fun that Summer is able to play now and are more responsive to people around her. So I’m excited for summer to join this conference with us as we are going to meet our dear friends.

We went to a 7 days conference in BALI. The conference was held in Nusa Dua areas, in South Kuta. Yes the home for those 5 star hotels and awesome beaches.

First four days was the conference and the last 3 was just touring around Bali.

A baby carrier is a must for me if you go to Bali with a baby. We brought our pram but didn’t use it at all. I mean zero usage.

Day 1 :Travel to Bali.

We flew from Penang to Kuala Lumpur then to Denpasar Bali. Dinner at ayodya beach front, it rained so hard that night. Be prepared to bring in umbrella coz Bali has unpredictable weather.

Day 2 : Whole day conference so didn’t have a chance to go around. 

Day 3 : Half day conference half day Tanah lot and shopping at Krisna

Tanah lot with baby


I like shopping here because it’s so cheap compare to shopping malls. You can get anything you want like sarongs, paintings, little souvenirs, batik , Bai coffee etc. They have a fixed price so you don’t have to haggle hard. I hate shopping in Ubud Market at they will start in very high price until you bargain down. That’s tiring for me and frustrating sometimes.

Good thing about Krisna is also it’s near the airport and they have very good service.

Souvenir shopping in Bali

Day 4:  Half day conference and rest at hotel

We stayed in Bali Paragon Hotel in Jimbaran Area. Nice and new hotel. Awesome breakfast with cozy pool for relaxation.

Day 5 : Rest in morning and went to Uluwatu in late afternoon

Uluwatu Baliimageimageimage

Day 6:  Pura Tirta Empul Temple and Ubud + Kuta for dinner and shopping


One of the lessons I learned during this trip was that if you have a baby, always remember to bring your hat and your umbrella as you tour the temples in bali. It can be very hot and after that go to a very cold tour bus. Summer end up having flu after the trip.

Buy some baby sunscreen as well. Plus don’t forget mosquito repellant.

Pura Tirta Empul Temple Bali

Pura Tirta Empul Temple. Balinese people purifying themselves in the Holy spring.

It is considered as a Holy place so you can’t go in without a sarong or if you had a period for women. This area is where they held their cleansing ceremony for those who want to experience it.

Day 7: Jimbaran beach in morning and flight back


Jimbaran beach in the morning:)

We have half a day left so we decided to just take a short trip to Jimbaran beach 10 minutes away from our hotel. We had our brunch there and played and swim a lot. It was nice because very few people were there.

Summer had fun playing on the sand. Of course trying to taste it but it only took one time before she realised that oh well it is not food baby…Unlike maybe 2 months ago when she about 8 months old (She’s afraid of the water and the waves) she now enjoy the water as we carry her and pretend that the waves are chasing us. It was a wonderful memento and I will always treasure this memory in my heart .


Brunch 🙂


Essentials for 10 months old baby traveling in bali:

  • Baby Sunscreen (B stands for beach and a lot of sun)
  • Baby Hat
  • Swim wear
  • Baby Carrier
  • mosquito repellant
  • umbrella

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