Penang , Malaysia

Its my first time to set foot in Penang and I didn’t expected that this will be my new home for now.

Because we have visa problem in Sabah We detoured in Penang.

Penang the land of sunrise to me. An Island with a lot of hills.

Food are really tasty and awesome. And the cheapest city Ive ever live in.

Penang is surprisingly beautiful. A place where you can find everything from rich culture to gastronomically inclined cafes and hawker, to charming hills and irresistible beaches.



This was a sunrise in Tanjung Bungah Beach.



Summer enjoying early morning quietness.



Isn’t she cute? She’s about to turn 8 months here.



Everyday is a Summer feel with this little one.



View from Flamingo Hotel where we had a little staycation. What a paradise. This is Tanjung Bungah Beach. The hotels in this area are 2-4 times cheaper than Batu Ferringhi Hotels that is just 10 minutes drive away . The main reason is that the restaurants, night markets, cafe are all in Batu Ferringhi and the Sunset was not visible due to the hill shown in the photo above. If you are in tight budget, Tanjung Bungah area is not a bad choice. You can have this view for around $40 usd  per night. There only 3 decent hotels in that area. Flamingo Hotel, Rainbow Paradise Hotel and Copthorne Hotel. Any of those 3 are fine.


imageAnother sunrise.


Sunset in Batu Ferringhi with my loves.

One of my favourite thing about Penang is their shoreline.  Want to unwind after a long week? Go to the beach around 6pm and awesome sunset is waiting.  Most of the days are sunny in Penang. Great beach and friendly locals.


In Batu Ferringhi Beach, 20 minutes away from the city with Summers Lola Yoly.




Summer was  7 months old wearing a hand me down swim wear. Im trying to let her “be awakened” in beach life. Teaching her about the sand, the beach and the sunset. Apparently she is still so afraid of the water in this age.


So now I want to walk you thru the Georgetown heritage city.  Penang are famous for their murals and the government initiated this to boost tourism in the Island.


One of the jetty part in Georgetown.



Smiling at the back of the mural “boy in the chair”..



Look there’s another one here. The most exciting thing about the murals around georgetown is that, they are situated in places you won’t expect. So it is so fun to enjoy walking without trying to find the murals with your map. Drop that mural and just enjoy the moment.



This is one of my favourite, so tiny yet so adorable!



This is my mother in law who visited us for two weeks vacation. She’s enjoying the walk to Georgetown, seeing these murals.


My baby summer happily watching her surrounding.. she’s about  7 months in this photo.


Notice this mural represents the 3  majority races of Malaysians. Malay, Indian and Chinese. Cool aye?


So just by looking at the Murals, you are actually learning about Penang. This boy wants to teach us Hokkien because it is the main dialect Penang locals are using.


This must be the most famous Penang mural .. “the kids in the bicycle”


Wonder there are so many cats? Cats to chinese is a lucky charm. Those red cats are called  “Zhao Cai Mao” – Fortune Cat:


Here’s another one. This mural is painted in the wall of my favourite bakery in Georgetown. Try their biscuits once you see this mural.


So me and my husband decided one day to discover a new beach other than the famous Batu Ferringhi beach. We drove South rather than North this time. We reach the Pasir Panjang Beach in Balik Pulau. Its about 45 minutes drive from the city.

Its not develop yet, no shops, no fancy hotels, no toilet and just a handful of local people fishing around. It was refreshing. Me and summer had a great time playing in the beach.
Love J

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