Beautiful Baguio City in Summer


It is Summer and Louie’s first time in Baguio and we are quite excited. This was my second time only. We left Manila at 5:30am and reach Baguio around 11:30am. With a lots of stop overs because we have 4 kids and 2 babies. We are 16 all in all enjoying the ride in 2 cars. 

After checking in to our hotel, Our first stop in Baguio was Strawberry farm in Benguet. It’s about 20min drive from the city. We arrived about 4pm. It’s quite nice as it’s not hot but it just rained so the farm was wet and not suitable for us to explore. It’s slippery. We tried to pick strawberries but it’s just difficult to so we end up just buying the fresh one.


Fresh strawberry from the farm. 200 pesos /pack. IMG_5488

Summer enjoying strawberry ice cream  of course her favourite thing in the world! IMG_5503

pretty eh? Since it’s summer time here in the Philippines , the weather was not so cold when we were there about 26-30 degrees celcius at day time. So this ice cream is perfect! 


2nd day we went to Burnham Park and opt to try out this cute little boats cost us 200pesos per boat max 6-8 people. Lets ride!


kids enjoying the park!


with lolo and lola UYS!


After Burnham Park we went straight to Mines View Park. You  an find lots of souvenir and native products there.

So this native agorot costume is the “IN” thing to do in Baguio nowadays. Tourist in Korea and Japan wear their traditional clothing why not in Baguio right?


Only cost us 20 pesos per person you can take photos unlimited on your own timing as well. Not that bad!


My sis-in law Charm posing as an Korena Igorot. (HINT SHE LOVES KPOP)


What a beautiful day. This view in Minesview Park is to kill for! 



Baguio is known for their flowers due to the cool weather.  Too bad the Panagbega Festival or the flower festival just passed. 


My only brother Olivers family;) im so happy to be with them in this trip!


Uy Family!


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