Traveling with a Baby: Tips and Tricks


I’m blessed to have the chance to travel with my family. As young as 2 months old, Summer my little girl flew in an airplane for the first time. We lived for 2 months in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, East Malaysia then moved to Penang West Malaysia when she’s 5 months old. We travelled quite often since then for work and for holidays.

She’s been to 8 countries (Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam ) and 19 cities and she’s only turning 2 years old in one month time. I wish i can say everything was easy but its not. I learned a lot of tips and trick how to deal with a baby while travelling. These learnings comes from advices from other experienced moms or learned from my own mistakes.

Here’s some of my tips and tricks:

1. Keep it cool 😎 

Do not worry so much, often even before the trip begins, we worry and get anxious with the trip. Let the situation come then thats the only time you deal with it. Tense parents often don’t enjoy the trip and can make the baby unhappy too. Not to mention  tension with your spouse.

2. Bring a lot of diapers when they are below 6 months old.

I suggest to bring at least 6-10 pieces if you are out the whole day. because you just don’t know when they needed more. If you are in road trip like we were, theres just no way to find a convenient store. We are on our way to see mount Kinabalu in a car and my little one changed 4 times in the 3 hour road trip. And no she’s not having diarrhoea.

When changing diaper on the plane, all the toilets in the plane have changing board and you can ask the crew for a plastic where you can throw the soiled diaper.

3. Bring extra clothes for yourself in the baby bag. 

If theres one thing Learn about travelling with baby is this, have an extra clothes (a shirt, a very thin pants, or underwear even) always. you’ll never know once your baby accidentally wet or poo on you vomit on you, thats it! Your clothes is in the check-in luggage and theres no way for you to get it.

4. Breastfeeding is the most amazing blessing for a traveling family. 

We all know that pressure while plane is taking off or going down hurts babies ear. So In saying that we needed to let them suck to a bottle or breast to not let pressure build in their ears much.

Not all have the luxury of this but breastfeeding made travelling with baby much easier. No need to bring formula, sterilised water and bottles!!! No need to worry where will you wash the used bottle and where to throw those unconsumed milk. Don’t forget to bring your nursing cover though.

If you are not breastfeeding make sure to prepare milk for baby below 6months and even just water for  6 months above babies.

5. Bring lots of snack if they are 1 year old and above. 

They will go hungry fast! really fast! its because they are growing fast too. Of course snacks are the easiest way to distract a tired and bored baby traveller. You will find yourself eating their snacks too, so why not bring extra?

I always have lots of baby bites or any baby biscuit and raisins with me when Summer was 6 months old above this helps when she’s hungry and we are still traveling.

6. Water is a must! Always have it with you.

Water is so essential especially when traveling with a baby. Sometimes they are whiny not because of anything but because of thirst. You are not sure where to get one once you are out exploring that exotic destination. Usually, airport will not allow you to bring water inside but when they see you have a baby, they will let it go.

Extra tip when in the park: Do not forget to bring a small fan just in case it got too hot when you are strolling around with your little one. Also bring a mosquito patch or insect repellant lotion just to be safe.

7. Always look for a priority queue. Airport immigrations, boarding etc.

This makes our travels much easier, at first we are not aware that there are priority line for families with young children so we end up queuing up with the rest but you don’t have to. Enjoy this moment when you can still have your Little one to help you save the day! I remember being so late in a flight but we end up being the first to board the plane in the end. Yes!

Extra tip: If you are traveling economy like we always do, try to ask pillows for the baby, most of the time flight crew will say ok😀

8.  Bring papers and crayons to keep them occupied in plane .

I wish she can sleep the whole flight duration but usually its not the case. So I am always ready to bring out things that can occupy my baby. Whether its books or her favourite little toys. I try to avoid giving my handphone as this is not very healthy. I also use the sanitary bag in plane for Summer to play. The magazine in planes helps a lot.

9. It’s ok to ask your seatmate to change another seat.  

Since we usually don’t pay for pre-arranged seats, What I do is to request the airline stuff issuing boarding passes to give us a seat together. If not then you need to ask your seat mate to exchange seat with you, most of the time they will agree with a smile. You are doing them a favor and they will thank you after if they see your kid crying.

10. Stroller is always a good idea. Always. At least to us.

Some countries they will say that its not stroller friendly like Japan for example. I find it difficult to carry Summer in a baby carrier even when she’s just 8kg. So  We still always bring  our stroller and that actually helped a lot. She can just take a nap comfortably whenever she wants and will wake up more rested  and even her parents are well rested too.


Having summer in our travels makes it more fun, special and meaningful to me. I got to appreciate God’s creation with her and she can explore and discover new things with mommy and daddy. I believe she can benefit through this travels more than I can imagine or fathom. Summer can now speak a sentence or 2, can sing the ABC and can dance. She is excited and a happy baby and I’m not sure but I believe her travelling are one of the reasons why she’s such an adorable, fun loving little girl now.

Theres many more to say but but the most important thing is this, Dont forget to take a lots of pictures because they really grow very fast. They do! Cherish every moment and enjoy everything, when i say everything even the difficult part of having the baby in travels. Soon enough you’ll realised she’s no longer a baby but a toddler you need to chase and make a deal with.

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