Laughter, Song and Dance Gremlins 

According Breńe Brown’s research,  laughter, song and dance emerged in the data as important and vital to our wholeheartedness.

This week’s intention:

“Cool is an emotional straightjacket. I am going to take it off.”When I am young I sing a lot, dance a lot and laugh a lot until I feel pain in my stomach because of laughing. Those are the times that life seems sofun, light and joyous.

This is part of Breńe’s story:

“The hard part for a lot of us when it comes to embracing laughter, song and dance is that straightjacket of cool. When I was young, I had a loud laugh, and that was cute and great until about middle school. Then, all of the sudden, when I was criticized for being uncool, I got smaller. And by smaller, I mean quieter and more self-conscious, with more fear about how boldly I could really express myself. ”
I can totally relate to her. This week, the activity is to write all your shame gremlins when it comes to laughing, dancing and singing.

The shame gremlins that I have are these one. But the strongest one that brought tears to me as I am writing it is the voice that says:

“You dance and sing because you are masking your insecurities”.

That hits me so much because I read a book that talks about being insecure and using performance to mask may be true in some sense but it hurts me a lot. This shame gremlin stops me to dance and sing and laugh just because I want to. My mind will tell me, stop doing that and face your insecurities.
I want to go back to myself again, singing and just enjoying this God given life.

Cool had become my straightjacket and we begun to conform on what is cool and it’s just difficult to be just you, the authentic you.

You can take it off you know..
When we laugh, sing, and dance we connect to people in a certain way that we don’t understand. Authenticity brings out authenticity that build connection. It was worth it in the end.

I wrote this quotation from “daring greatly” book and hang it in my study room to remind myself.

As young as 17months old I saw that Summer my daughter has interest in dancing. So I will encourage that and will not make her feel that it is not as important as other things!

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