Gratitude: The Secret of a Joyful Traveller 

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For a travel enthusiast like me, it’s very easy to fall into a trap of finding our joy in travelling.

It’s true travelling  really gives me joy but thinking that’s the only way to be joyful can be very dangerous.

I cannot afford to be travelling all the time right? Though sometimes I day dream of being a full time traveller, roaming the earth with my family exploring beaches, mountains, water falls and learning cultures and just being free of worries in life. I know that’s not gonna happen and I am not sure if I really want that. My point exactly is that if I will not be able to travel again (or not often) , will I still be joyful?

On the other hand, when you are travelling do u  feel really joyful? do u need to constantly plan trips just for you to have something to look forward? Or make sure you take all photos you need so you can look back and always accompanied by your fear of loosing out?

Honestly sometimes there are trips that I am excited but not really joyful. I’m more work oriented or stress making sure this trip will be perfect.

I believed I needed gratitude when I’m traveling and also when I’m not.

They said :

“The more you are grateful the more you will be joyful. Not the other way around.”

We all want to feel at home, to feel that we are in the place we are suppose to be and a place where we feel that we are enough.

Truly Gratefulness is a way home for me.Without gratitude, I feel miserable and negative and hopeless even I am in a very exotic trip with my favourite person.

Have your experience complaining, discouraged and down while in a vacation because things didn’t go your way? I have a lot of those!

Without gratitude I always want more. Always wishing a better life and a better place. More travels, better destination, the further the better.
Two weeks ago, I started this Gratefulness journey in my own life.

I would take and print one photo of the thing that I’m grateful for everyday. Ordinary moments that brings me joy.

It is exciting.

I bought a new photo printer!

The first one week was a bliss.
The second week was much harder.

You see these are the days that I’m not travelling, I’m in my normal routine and doing ordinary things.

There are days that I will put two pictures because there’s just too much things to be grateful for. But also I started to really think what are one thing that I’m grateful for a certain day that I am discouraged or a day that is not a good day at all.

It’s not easy.

It forces me to think and to look back on the positive things that happen to me and there will always be one or two.

Here are some of my grateful “ordinary” moments :




When we stop and realized how blessed we are in ordinary moments, our eyes will be opened on how beautiful our own lives really are.

We can be joyful , NOW.

Not just when we meet our goals and dreams in life or finally able to afford our dream trip or have the best house that we’ve always wanted. If we don’t embrace and appreciate our lives right now, it will pass by without us realizing it because our eyes is always fix on next thing that we thought that is better.

Gratefulness is the way home.
Gratefulness brings joy.

Me and Louie in Halong Bay

So if the not-so-ordinary things comes, how much more joyful you will be because you practice those gratitude muscles in your ordinary days:)

Be a joyful traveller by being more grateful.

Hope this is helpful!

Love, J

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47 thoughts on “Gratitude: The Secret of a Joyful Traveller 

  1. I use a gratitude journal and every night before i go to bed i write down at least three things I’m grateful for. Sometimes it might just be a cup of tea at the end of a long day! But i found a shift in thinking very quickly because i was on the lookout for things to write down. I enjoyed reading your post. very true words x

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  2. Great post! I feel the same way. I often think I am happiest when I am travelling and whenever I am not I am being annoyed and sad that I can’t. Particularly right now the weather is getting shitty in Germany and I would love nothing more than escaping to a nice sunny beach. But you’re right, we should be more thankful and happy about our everyday life as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, it really inspired me and got me thinking what I can do to be joyful i my everyday life as well.

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    • thank you for sharing. The same here i always want that escape thought sometimes it is because of my avoiding nature. i really need to grow in being contented on where i am and what i have.


  3. Gratitude plays an important role in the human psyche. Too make ourselves feel good, we do good, say good things and make other people feel good. This in turn makes us thankful for the things we have, as well as experiences. Be it in travel or spending time with loved ones

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  4. Wow I love your idea of finding reasons in everyday life to be joyful and grateful. Truly inspiring. Think we all need to start doing that on a daily basis, thanks for sharing this!

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  5. I love to travel. And it does make me really happy to be out and traveling. I don’t think that it always means you are grateful for what you have right now. Travel is a passion just like any passion others have, whether that be sports, or writing, music, etc. We all have our different interests and likes. I think if someone can’t find joy outside of their interests or passions, then there’s something deeper going on. For me, travel is what I want to be doing with my life. It’s not for everyone though and that’s okay. It’s what makes me happy though, but if I couldn’t travel, it doesn’t mean I no longer have meaning in my life. I just think we should be able to enjoy the things that we really like in life. Cheers!

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    • i agree with you. not everyone can travel or want to travel, thats why its important to be grateful even in ordinary moments of our lives. thank you for reading and the thought!


  6. what a sweet and very insightful post. I understand how you feel about the pangs of wanderlust and settling into routine. I’m currently getting into the normal life again and find myself appreciating the mundane and safety at time but being scared of it.

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  7. Hey girl, I like your joy while you are travelling. We are blessed to have opportunities to travel and the happiness is in the small things – like your croissant with salmon 🙂
    Keep it cool!

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  8. I will share my story – so I also have those moments when I’m not travelling and to keep myself happy I blog! It’s the easiest way to live the adventure again and again – sorting pictures, thinking about how to tell your story… another thing I do is I watch movies from different countries – they always give me a glimpse of what is happening around the world, what are people’s joys and sorrows, do they have the same problems as I do? I love to learn about the world and you have to realize you can also do it from home. God bless Internet! We should be thankful everyday no matter if we travel or we are at home!

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  9. Great post! I make gratitude notes daily in my journal – I write a few things from each day that I am grateful for and that really helps me to stay grounded and reminds me of how blessed I am even when I’m not travelling!


  10. After five years of traveling and no home of our own we are very grateful for our home we make ourselves now in France. Having enjoyed the travels immensely and certainly traveling again from our home base, we’ll appreciate to be able to return to the comforts of the known.

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  11. I really enjoyed reading your post – and I have to agree with you. Sure, travelling is a kind of approach to life itself, but just living “uneventful, boring days” waiting for the next trip? Naah! One should enjoy the little things in life.


  12. I really enjoyed reading your post – and I have to agree with you. Sure, travelling is a kind of approach to life itself, but just living “uneventful & boring days” waiting for the next trip? Naah! One should enjoy the little things in life.


  13. I love this post! As travelers enthusiasts we can easily get stuck in ” the always looking for the next trip thing” while forgetting the everyday blessings we have in our life. Just the fact of being healthy, having the means to travel, a place we call home, food at the table, are ordinary things we should be grateful for. Thanks for sharing this!


  14. You are so right! Sometimes we forget to appreciate what we have right now. I am sometimes lost in the past and the future and forget to enjoy the moment. This is a great reminder to appreciate every moment, every gift life gives you every day! Very inspiring post. Thanks a lot!


  15. “The more you are grateful the more you will be joyful. Not the other way around.” – that is honestly such a beautiful quote! I feel like when we were all kids, it was so easy to find joy in everything and be contented with even the smallest things. Yet as we grow older, it’s so easy to start taking things for granted, which is why your gratefulness journey/photo diary is such a great idea! I definitely need to start doing the same as well!


  16. I am one of those travelers who don’t really complain about conditions. I have traveled on night trains, on dirty buses, I’ve slept in hostels, in the car, even in a train station in China. And I am grateful for these experiences because they made me who I am, they made my mind open more and more and they’ve made me see the world as it is, with its kind people that were there for me every step of the way.


  17. Gratitude is important. I love that you are writing it all down to show your gratefulness to God. Being grateful for food is important. These days the rich take pictures of food served to them instead of praying. Good post.


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