What is your Travel Mantra?

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From Singapore to Batam, Indonesia Ferry Ride

Sometimes I wonder why my long awaited holiday trip ends very fast. In a blink of an eye I find yourself already in last day of my trip thinking why it is ending so soon.
Living in a fast paced, internet ready world,  always connected generation it’s so easy to be distracted by different things we want to do in our travels. Take that perfect selfies, updating social media while in vacations make sure to buy all the local products, and making sure you’ve been to all iconic places in that place and making sure we eat all the exotic food this place can offer.

This can lead us to a distracted, anxious and ungrateful Traveller.

What I find helpful is to have a mantra.

Here’s my wholehearted journey MANTRA that I would like to use also in my travels:


I chose this photo because I look so free here and doing the thing I love TRAVELING. That is so ME.


What does this mean to me?

  • Smell the flowers, enjoy the food and not rush everything.
  • Be present on the things that I love doing but took for granted. Enjoy waiting in airport or flight. Savor the moments you have.
  • Be present when I’m with my love ones (in my travels or not) because they are the one I often disregard.
  • Be present when I am down and discouraged because yesbits ok to be discouraged when you are traveling.
  • Be present when I am with people. Listen and be there! (That’s what you really wants)
  • Be present by loving and appreciating myself first before I expect others to do so.
  • Be present by hearing me. I will listen to me. Through scheduling a time for my quiet time, meditation time/ journaling time, I can be present.

To be present on my travels and truly appreciate the creation of God and the opportunity He gives. 


  • If I want to really connect, I need to be true. I need to be vulnerable.
  • I want to be real and authentic, I still have difficulty being vulnerable most of the time. It’s easy to grasp that I need to be vulnerable but it’s not easy to practice it. I hate admitting what I truly feel.I want to always remind myself that it’s ok to not be approved by everyone. It’s just hard but I believe I’m getting better and better as long as I don’t give up. In traveling it means If you feel tired and needed to rest, go ahead even it means not following your Itinerary 100% and it is ok.

The worst feeling when you are travelling with someone is that you know that you aren’t true to yourself. You keep pleasing the other and in result not enjoying the trip you are in. Be true no matter what.


  • These photo reminds me to be me. To have fun. To relax and enjoy life.
  • To be imperfect and enough at the same time. Be brave and fearful at the same time.
  • To laugh and be colorful as I am.
  • To dance and to create. To be grateful and that showing up is enough.
  • Be myself because I cannot be better than being me.

Be yourself as you explore new places, do not think of what others think of you.


 This book literally helped me to be vulnerable, courageous and brave and realised its ok not to be perfect. 

Me trying to be present in front of Hoi An River ❤️

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