7 Days Nature Walk Challenge 

A generation of children is not only being raised indoors, but is being confined to even smaller spaces. Jane Clark, a University of Maryland professor of kinesiology . . . calls them “containerized kids”–they spend more and more time in car seats, high chairs, and even baby seats for watching TV. When small children go outside, they’re often placed in containers–strollers–and pushed by walking or jogging parents. . . Most kid-containerizing is done for safety concerns, but the long term health of these children is compromised. (35) Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

7 Days Nature Walk Challenge with your Kid/s

Nature is so important to the development of our kids but in order to really see and realize this truth, we need to experience it ourselves and see if this is something we can and want to do. There a lot of resources and advices out there for parents now a days.

I think what will be helpful is to try out and decide according to our experience as not everyone is the same phase.

So the challenge is to Bring your kids to nature for the next 7 days consecutively for 1 hour or more anytime of the day ( Parks, outdoor playgrounds, farms, zoo, forest, your backyard anywhere outdoors)

What can you do outside?Here’s some suggestion:

1. Do arts and craft outdoors

2. Play ball or bubbles outdoors

3. Simply playing in playground

4. Collecting different kind of flowers

5. Do Little creatures hunt (insects, spiders, ants, snails)

Each day, find a treasure that is from nature everyday. E.g stones, insects, fruits, flowers etc. If your child is at the age that he/she can write, encourage her to bring a journal and write what she discovered or observed in nature walks.
If you can’t live in the land you love, love the land you’re in. -Richard Louv

After 7 days write down your observation with your child or even yourself if there’s any. It’s helpful if you observe and journal everyday on those 7 days.

Take photo of each day with the treasure your kid got from nature

Did it myself and it’s awesome . Read here for inspiration : Embracing Nature in our Parenting

Here’s my realization after 7 days:

  • She’s happier and laugh and smiles more.
  • She’s more tired so she naps longer and sleeps faster at night when its time for bed.
  • She has more appetite because she’s hungry after walking a lot.
  • She drinks more water because the weather in Penang is hot and humid.
  • She talks more and converse better and better.
  • She stopped asking to watch TV.
  • She started to pretend play using nature : stones, leaves, stems as plates , cups and spoon and fork.

I am amazed how a 2 year old can imagine. When they don’t have any toys but they are in nature, they will be resourceful and u believe this is literally helping them to be creative.

Of course I am not 100% sure that nature walks did all these but I believe as her mom nature is a big factor.

Any cons?

  • She’s tanner, haha!
  • She sweat like crazy!
  • Lots of insect bites (sorry, I need stronger insect repellant )!

I shared this challenge to my family and friends today and I’m excited for them to embrace nature in their parenting too❤️ Feel free to join in.<<<
llenge <insert names> I’m excited to see all your nature adventures!<<<<
and paste this to challenge other mom/dad And tag 5 moms/dads that you think will benefit on this. Preferably Facebook.Share your photos and realisation if you are comfortable.

“What would our lives be like if our days and nights were as immersed in nature as they are in technology?” < b>― Richard Louv, The Nature Principle< a href=”https://travelingrings.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/img_0692.png”&gt;

Benefits of Nature to kids

ecommended Books:

    This book is more a story telling type from Authors own experiences, I personally enjoy this!< code>< code>


lt; code>

Very practical book compare to other books of Louv


lt; a href=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0544705297/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0544705297&linkCode=as2&tag=gratefultra0d-20&linkId=a46472713c427cc085c3b0ba8f3b3709″&gt;<<<<

10 thoughts on “7 Days Nature Walk Challenge 

  1. Lovely! I love the outdoors, I always have since I was little. When school was out, I took the next bus to the country side where my grandma lived. I loved it out there. Its a pity kids nowadays don’t even want to play outside. When I was little, we climbed trees, played ball, double-dutch etc. Its a great idea to take kids outside, even if its in the backyard, so that they can at least explore. Lovely post! I love it!


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