Winter in Great Wall of China with Toddler

Great Wall of China day! We were very excited to finally see the famous Great Wall of China with our 2 year old toddler.

We chose Thursday to visit the Great wall because we want to avoid the crowd and we were so right! It was so empty and we were in awe with how much majestic Great Wall is. We were expecting a snowy Beijing though but no sign of it at all. They said its very rare that we can see Great wall in snow. I heard that snow only comes 2 times in winter time and unfortunately it didn’t come on the dates that we were there. But it is still beautiful!

Its our second day for our  6-day Beijing Trip. We hired a private taxi to bring us to Mutianyu Great wall. The more famous one is the Badaling Part but we chose Mutianyu as I read that Badaling will have more tourist. We didn’t want to go via bus or train because we have a toddler with us. It was also winter so its more difficult to commute with a toddler in Beijing. We paid 800Yuan (3 adults , 1 toddler ) for whole day for the taxi. He picked us up in our hotel, brought us to our breakfast place and drove to Great Wall. He waited for us and brought us back to hotel. We reached around 12:30pm and went back around 4pm. We didn’t hire a tour guide or anything we just read a lot so I think that saves us a lot of money.

It was 1.5-2 hours drive from Downtown Beijing.

Great Wall of China in winter

This was Mutianyu Great wall. Before going up you can get your breakfast or lunch here. Theres also a lot of souvenir shops. We didn’t buy anything here as the sellers were quite aggressive and I personally don’t enjoy shopping with those kids of vendors.

We did bought our lunch though before going up because we know we will starve there if we dont. From this place you need to take a bus probably just 7 minutes drive (separate tickets) and it will bring you to the cable car.

beijing with toddlers

Short bus ride to the cable car

Mutianyu Great Wall cable car

great wall of china in winter with toddler

Love at First Sight with Great Wall of China

The weather was great when we were there. Its not too cold and the sun was up. Perfect time to get those lovely shots.

great wall of china in winter with toddler

Breath-taking walls

great wall of china in winter with toddler

Summer and Daddy walking in great wall of china

beijing winter with toddler in great wall

Everything was beautiful in Mutianyu Great wall

The most uncomfortable ting though was the static shock me and my daughter had. A lot.  It’s too much to the point she got scared when i kiss her. I dont know why but maybe its the way i walk that create too much friction or the wool she’s wearing and im wearing. That something you need to read about before going to China in the winter. That im not very prepared.

Beijing with toddler in winterGreat Wall of China with toddler

On our way down before riding the cable car. Theres a cafe that sells different snacks and hot/cold drinks. And the cats comes here. Summer loves this particular cat that was really friendly to her.

beijing winter in great wall with toddler, beijing winter with kids

Summer met Winter the cat

winter beijing with toddler

look a like?

Beijing winter with Toddler

Great Wall of China in winter Great Wall in winter

Tips for Great Wall Toddler travellers in winter :

  • Do not bring your stroller as your toddler will have a great time walking. Also there’s a lot of stairs so you will end up carrying the stroller if you bring one. We end up leaving our stroller in one of the rocks in the Great Wall.
  • If you can still can your toddler in a baby carrier then that’s a plus point. Bring one.
  • Put sunblock to your kid. It’s very windy and cold but also very sunny. My daughter ended up having sunburn because I didn’t put sunscreen.
  • Wear layers of clothes that are easy to take off in case your toddler run a lot in the walls and will feel hot.

All the best and enjoy this amazing place with your little one:)

Great Wall of China in winter with toddler Great Wall of China with toddler

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7 thoughts on “Winter in Great Wall of China with Toddler

  1. Great post. I have visited the Great Wall of China 3 years ago in summer and I loved it. There was more tourists at that time, though. I am glad you enjoyed the trip with your daughter. You took great pics! Thank you also for sharing the tips, they are very useful! 🙂


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