Surfing in Bali

After travelling to a lot of places, I realised that I am indeed a beach person. I love being in the beach, the sand, the waves and everything it can offer.  God is indeed so creative when he thought of the ocean/ beach and how human can find peace in here.

My husband and I had staff retreat in Bali for 4 days. We visited GWK Cultural Park. This park aims to educate youth about history and culture of Bali. There will be an entrance fee (effective November 2018)

  • 40k for local adults
  • 60k for foreign adults
  • 25k for kids

The Statue of Wisnu

Garuda Wisnu Kencana travel tips

Balinese Musical Instrument being played by local in GWK

Jimbaran Beach family travel blog

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

We also visited Jimbaran Beach as part of the
group excursion activity and had an amazing seafood dinner there. . We extended our Bali work trip so we have 2 nights here. We checked in to Koa D-surfer hotel and it is just 3 minutes away from Berawa beach.

My main goal was to surf and to check out new interesting places in Bali since this is my third trip here (very grateful for the opportunities). The last time we were in

Bali is when Summer was 10 months old. Check it out here.

The truth is beaches in Bali are not the most amazing you can find in Asia, theres more in Philippines, Malaysia and even Thailand but not all can offer you a surfing paradise like Bali. This is only my third time surfing and I’m excited to try it in Bali!!!

We checked out Canggu area as I heard this is slightly newly developed area in Bali. I’m so happy I did! The place is so beautiful! peaceful beach, not so crowded and dirty like Kuta Beach. Little cozy cafes and homestay are available. Yoga and pilates classes are also abounding around the area. You can get a decent breakfast for a very cheap price too:

Canggu Bali cafes

Berawa beach

Surf in bali canggu

Summer enjoying her swing in front of Berawa Beach

bali with toddlers

Bali Life is love!

Canggu Bali Cafes

Bali Bowls: a cozy cafe near Berawa Beach

Surf in Canggu bali

Team Uy in Bali

surf in bali

look Mommy I buried myself!!!

I booked someone from the internet but he cancelled on me twice so I walked in in one of the surfing school in Canggu. It cost me 350,000 Indonesian Rupiah for 2 hours . One-on-one. 1 teacher: 1 student.

January was not the ideal month for surfing so I struggled waiting for great waves and needed to puddle a lot more because of messy and strong currents on waters. I still did enjoy my time though its just 2 hours. Even though I only enjoyed few good rides, I can honestly say that just being in my board, waiting for big waves, feeling the moving waters in my body and smelling the sea, soaking up the salty air and a little sunshine was already a high for me. That’s good enough fun! Another happy thing was that my daughter watching me surf and cheering me on when I managed to stand on the board and actually surf.

Even though I’m not a professional surfer, I do enjoy surfing, the title things it gives and the feeling of not just in the beach anymore but seeing it from a far with the waves.

canggu surf, surf in bali

Dian Surf: Jimmy my patient Surf instructor for the day

This is Jimmy my patient surf instructor. This is in Batubalong Beach in Canggu Area.

surfing in bali

Batubalong Beach, Canggu, Bali

surf in bali , canggu surf

me and my learners surf board

BERAWA BEACH , canggu bali

Summer in Berawa Beach

The only set back here was that it’s difficult to get a grab/uber Taxi as they don’t allow them to come in and pick up passengers. They have their own Taxi and has fix price which is definitely higher but to put it in positive end, reliable especially if you do t have internet.

I felt like two days in Canggu is definitely not enough and I can’t wait to go back there!

canggu bali

Paddy Fields near our hotel in Canggu Bali

berawa beach canggu bali

walking to the beach

Though being with a toddler in all my trips are challenging, it is possible and it can be done. The the joy they can bring is just immeasurable .

The benefits of bringing your child to nature trip are amazing! These books motivates me a lot when it comes to the importance of outdoor play and open-air learning :

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