Our Summer baby in Tokyo

The third leg of our 10-day Japan trip, Tokyo!

Just a recap of our Japan Itinerary:

Day 1-4: Kyoto Trip and Nara trip

Day 4-6: Kanazawa Trip

Day 6-8: Tokyo

Day 8-10: Osaka Trip

We took bullet train from Kanazawa. We reached Tokyo around 5pm and it was raining heavily. We stayed for 2 days instead of three because of a typhoon that hits the city. Lucky we have unlimited JR pass and we can leave anytime we want.

First stop is the Pokemon Centre! This was the months that Pokemon was so in! so my husband who is a big fan of pokemon insisted for us to go here with our big luggage! Jeez! But im not complaining we managed to find it and still had a great time.



IMG_8887IMG_8869Tokyo with babyIMG_8581

Bye for now Tokyo, See you in Osaka!

Though being with a toddler in all my trips are challenging, it is possible and it can be done. The the joy they can bring is just immeasurable .

The benefits of bringing your child to nature trip are amazing! These books motivates me a lot when it comes to the importance of outdoor play and open-air learning :

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