Easy Hike in Penang Botanic Garden with Toddler

It was a beautiful Monday morning and we decided to trek the easiest trail in Penang Botanic Garden. The Curtis Trail is 1.5km partly uphill trek. It is an easy 30-40 minutes trek. Maybe shorter for others. We brought our 2.5 year old daughter and she enjoyed it so much. We went around 10am. It is not so hot as you are literally under big trees in the forest.

it is important for me to bring out my little one. This helps her to connect with nature and to be more outside learning from natural environment.

This was the beginning of the trail. its 2-minute walk from the souvenir shop in the entrance of the Garden and it will end in the beautiful Lily pond.

In the entrace itself we saw this exotic black lily. What a grand entrance. Thoe whole trail has a cemented path with ropes so it is very safe.

Summer posing for the camera and also way for me to rest haha. We make sure she wears her rubber shoes and pants to avoid insect bites and we out a lot of mosquito repellant.

Since the trail needs you to walk up alot avoid bringing big heavy bag. I brought a little sling bag with me inside are the ff:

  • 1 diaper
  • 1 small wipes
  • 1 pair of clothes (she needed this as she sweaf so much after)
  • money (for drinks later)
  • 1 little water container
  • 1 snack

These items were good enough for my 2.5 gear old to survive after a hike.

The special thing about this trail is ylu can read some facts about rainforest so if you love to learn about nature this is for you. its also good if you have kids with you it is easy way yo educate them about the woods.

In the first half of the trek, theres a lot of stairs and the way are mosly going up. So heres our little one sked to be carried after walking a lot. Good thing was that she walked again after we carried her for a while. Do

 If you want to read more about the importance of Forest Bathing and how it is so beneficial in our physical and mental health. Try reading this book. I’ve been reading it recently and it motivates me to go out of the house and be more outdoors!

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