Phnom Penh I Love You

This 9-day trip to Cambodia was planned to celebrate our  3rd year wedding anniversary (9-17 August) . From the culture-rich Phnom Penh going to the wonderful Siem Reap; then to the adventurous Pattaya and to busy Bangkok we were so thrilled that we managed to cross-country just by using van and buses.

Things to do in cambodia, royal palace

Happy 3rd to us!


Things to do in phnom penh

Lunch beofre flying to Phnom Penh.

Here’s our itinerary for 2-night and 3-day stay and things to do while in Phnom Penh.

Day 1 : Pretty Phnom Penh

Reached PP at around 4pm from Singapore. It was raining so heavily, we took a taxi to our hotel after buying a SIM card and changing our money to riel. It’s a flat rate, which is better, $9usd for taxi and 7$usd for Tuk Tuk. They accept USD in Cambodia.


Tuk Tuk drivers were nice but charged us 3usd per trip (for less than 5 min trip) the places where generally near. So bargain a bit with the drivers before hopping on to the Tuk Tuk.

First night we decided to just walk around the neighborhood of the “Tea house hotel” (we checked in to this very cozy and nice boutique hotel) , a lot of food stalls and beauty parlours and salon.

Things to do in phnom penh

Tea House Hotel Lobby

Things to do in phnom penh

Loved the color of our room

We saw this Mom-in-law Vietnamese Restaurant, we missed viet, so we decided to eat there. Fantastic food.

We met our friends that night and had a drink in Hotel Cambodiana, there was a good professional Filipino band in there and we end up partying and dancing the night away. So much fun!! Decent bar.

Day 2 :Genocide Museum (Tuol Sleng Museum)


2nd day, had our breakfast and went to Genocide Museum or Tuol Sleng Museum, its a primary school turned to torture place by Khmer Rouge, sad depressing place but you must go if you are in Phnom Penh. It’s sad how a man in power did Khmer Rouge and end up in a murder of thousands of people. What makes me more sad was when I saw this two men who were a survivor of the killings, their family was killed there and they are there , taking picture with people, signing autographs with the book that was written about their life and how they survive, at first I thought, wow that was great, they survive but then I thought how difficult is it for them to be in that same place every day to the very place that hurts them, just to earn money, it broke my heart…how can they move on? Or do they really move on that much maybe that they can be there.

I mean they can choose not and move on to their lives but they are doing it, maybe they have deeper better reasons that I can’t think of.


Russian market

We decided to walk from the museum to Russian market as google said its just 15 min walk, but its not, its far .. So don’t try walking. If you want to shop for souvenirs, silks, fake IT gadgets and branded clothing its all here in a cheaper price. The best was the 1$ scarfs! If you want to buy for gifts that’s the best. Theres also some nice boutique clothes shop.

Things to do in cambodia, shopping, cambodia blogger

Happy with my new top!

Things to do in cambodia


After shopping we had great lunch in Khmer Surin (recommended by a friend) , awesome Khmer inspired restaurant, kinda pricey but was justified by ambiance and the food both taste and presentation. Had my first taste of fish amok, (now my fave cambodian food).

Things to do in phnom penh, where to eat in phnom penh

Enjoying the ambiance

Things to do in phnom penh, where to eat in Phnom Penh cambodia

Cambodian Fish Amok

Things to do in phnom penh

Our pretty designer tuk tuk

Things to do in phnom penh

Yummy cambodian food

Khmer Surin in phnom penh cambodia, where to eat in phnom penh

Khmer Surin in phnom penh cambodia


The Grand Royal Palace 

Things to do in phnom penh, royal palace blogger

Royal Palace Entrace

Things to do in phnom penh, royal palace blogger

Feeling like a Cambodian princess in my castle

Things to do in phnom penh, couple traveller

Husband and wife in cambodia

Things to do in phnom penh

Loving the symmetry

Went to Royal palace after lunch. It’s an i pressivr gold, silver and bronze palace. It’s good to see if you appreciate architecture and history of course. The entrance was $6 usd per person.


Also if you love photography you should not miss this place. Its so beautiful.



Being a nature lover, I can’t help but notice these beautiful lotus.



We went to river side for a walk and prayed there, its a good place to relax in the late afternoon as its windy. It’s a bit touristy though, a lot of eating places   hotels, and travel and tour agencies and of course massage parlours.

Things to do in phnom penh

Phnom Penh River

Things to do in phnom penh, river cruise

You can ride a boat to cruise the river. Popular specially for sumset viewing

We bought our tickets to Siem Reap for the following day. It is 9$ per person for a mini van.

There’s a lot of travel and tour shop around. You can find them anywhere around the city.

Went back to hotel and rest for a while, we went out again to see the night market, with food stalls , people eat in the mat, it was kinda cool. we are lucky it didnt rain. tried few of cambodian street foods.



Shop a little bit but not a lot of variety in there.

Day 3 : Van to Siem Reap

We were pick up by a van early in the morning, about 9am for our 6-7hour Siem Reap trip.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy travelling!

Heres the rest of our trip from Phnom Penh to Bangkok !

xoxo, J

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