Parasailing in Pattaya

Woke up 6am as our bus to pattaya will pick us up at 7:30am, manage to have our breakfast, thank goodness. It was a breeze from Siem Reap to Poipet (3 hours) but when we reached the immigration border it was so uncomfortable, with a very long queue in a very hot afternoon, with chaotic system, no directions etc we are there for about 3hours will all the waiting time and all, (oops sorry if I sounds complaining )I will not recommend traveling by land.

But it is an experience for both of us. Poipet to Pattaya took about 3hours. Total travel around 10-11hours.

Reached Pattaya and we had no idea how to go in our hotel because the van drop us into high way. We asked around and end up riding the small bus.

We paid 20 baht each person each trip, we thought every trip was standard price, by the end of our 4day pattaya trip, we found out that its only 10 baht. First timers! We rented a motorbike to roam around, which was great and cheap, we didnt take any tour as we just want to enjoy our hotel .

We drove to the beach and we had parasailing yay! It was a great experience in a tour you will pay 2k baht per person includes island hopping snorkeling etc which will take the whole day, so we skipped that and just asked a local lady

From the beach we took a ferry ride in the middle of the ocean where they have a big boat or more on a ship made for parasailing landing . It’s my first time so I’m just really thrilled and at the same time happy while I’m up there. I, giggling alone, I know that kinda funny but I can feel the wind the breeze, the sky the sea it feels so good.. All the elements that I love were there.

Going down was a little bit struggle as the boat driver can’t bring me down to exact place I even hit the roof but luckily the guys jumped to catch my feet and able to bring me down.

Thanks goodness, I appreciate all of them , the team effort just to make my experience awesome. Make me think the God bring the wind, the sea, the people, just for me to have that less than 5 min enjoyment. I’m blessed.

We were in Bella villa prima hotel, nice cozy hotel, We swim a lot and the pool was really pretty, not so crowded. The breakfast was a treat! Love it! Except for unfriendly staff in breakfast area.

As pattaya is known as sex tourist city, we decided to take a look at the walking street, the area where you will find all the bars, prostitutions and ladyboys, etc. Not really a good place to bring your family especially if you have kids.

Woke up the next day and we decided to go to a morning beach walk, we sing songs and prayed in front of the beach, went back to our hotel and had breakfast and then just enjoy ourselves in hotel, watching movie and swimming, we had our lunch over the pool side, for a change. We just ordered in the hotel restaurant.

We booked our Pattaya Elephant village trekking just over the phone. It cost us 1,200 baht per person for 1 hour elephant trekking and a nice fruit buffet after that.

Bought also picture souvenir from them. For 400baht , its kinda pricey but one will not have a choice because you can’t take a nice photo with elephant if you are there yourself.

bumpy elephant rife in a rainy day

We love this elephant village because they don’t do the circus training with the elephant, just normal trekking and the show is about elephants daily routine like, eating, bathing, resting. No flashy elaborate costumes and stunts but a natural village for elephants. Quite happy with that as I feel a lot for those elephants who goes through laborious training just for a show.

Included in the tour is the silk worm tour. They showed us how they harvest silk from the cocoons and how they wave it and become a nice silk scarf that I’m holding above.

bye Pattaya next stop Bangkok by bus tomorrow!

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Xoxo, Jackie

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