Puerto Prinsesa Palawan

It’s our first time in Palawan and we flew from Singapore to Manila (3 hours) then another domestic flight to Manila to Palawan (1 hour).

Puerto Prinsesa is the capital city of Palawan located in western Philippines.

We booked a hotel in town and we traveled to Snake Island for about a couple of hours using a rented van.

We need to take a short boat ride to Snake Island. It was an amazing place. There’s not a lot of people so this was like our private island. We found few big starfishes. We had barbecue here for lunch. We brought the food with us and cook it there.

Day 2 : We visited Ugong Rock Zipline and the famous Underground Cave of Puerto Prinsesa.

We did the zipline and some caving. The caving was kinda challenging but it is defined worth it specially if you do it with friends and if you love adventure.

Me and the hubby before plunging with just a line!

After that we drove to the beach below where we can catch our ferry to the underground cave.

We had our yummy seafood lunch here before we headed to the underground. Are te those coca colas cute?!

After 20 minutes of boat ride we reached the underground river. The view was stunning. Rock formation everywhere and the beach was fine and clean. We needed to walk further to reach the river.

Just nice we have 6 people in one hot except the captain of the boat! There’s no electricity inside so we need to have our own flashlight. You can take decent photos inside as it’s really really dark. It was an amazing experience for me. It was grand and majestic! My vocabulary is so limited to describe this place so I think you needed to go and see for yourself!

Day 4: Crocodile Farm and Bakers Hill Palawan

Bakers Hills Palawan

Last Supper

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