Bali for First Timers

It’s our first time in Bali and I’m so excited. We attended a church conference and in between and after that we explored Bali.

We went to Sanur Beach. Below photo was Sanur Sunrise. We woke up at 5:30am so we can see this.

The special thing in Sanur is it’s fine black sand. Not so much tourist here as it’s basically a fishermen village. The boats here looks like a spider. So cute!

Padang Padang Beach

After visiting Sanur we went straight to Padang Padang Beach. This little secluded beach near Uluwatu was a paradise. You need to walk down in order to reach this beach.

It’s a surfing spot but we didn’t surf. We just chill and swim and enjoyed the view.

Tanah Lot

So part of the excursion they arranged for us is to visit Tanah Lot. From our hotel in Denpasar we travelled for about 2 hours to reach Tanah Lot.

Have a touristy walk before you can reach Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot (means land of the sea) is a rock formation where you can find Pura Tanah Lot- a Hindi pilgrimage temple.

White Water Rafting

So we went to try the white water rafting and it was so fun! It’s a bit scary though as one of the boat flipped thanks God everyone was safe! If you want to experience a bit of adventure while in Bali you should definitely try this. It’s not that crowded during normal days. Photos are our group about 100 of us went and try.

But first coconut..

Dreamland Beach

On the last night of our conference, the organisers brought us to Dreamland Beach for our Dinner. We had a great time admiring the dreamlike beach and watching the sunset as we enjoy fellowshipping with each other.

Kuta Beach

We have another 2 days here in Bali by ourselves so we explored Kuta!

Known to be the most crowded beach in Bali, we still give this a try since it’s our first time here. A bit disappointed that the beach was dirty but the sunset didn’t fail us. It’s still beautiful!

Check out our 2nd Bali Trip here. We visited Uluwatu this time:)

Xoxo, Jackie

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