Why do you want to be cool and betray yourself?

Source: Why do you want to be cool and betray yourself?   Wrote this one year ago. Reading it again makes me inspired and I got reminded to be me. I'm free to be me whether in travelling, writing, blogging or even in my relationship with my family friends and strangers.

Reviving my heart through blogging

So this post is about why I decided to revive my travel blog again. I had lots of travels this year alone almost every month some are work related and some personal short trips. As a young mother of a 21 month old baby, I think I travelled more than others at the same stage … Continue reading Reviving my heart through blogging

Hello Hong Kong with 18 months old baby

February 16-22 2017 Ready to explore Hong Kong with our baby You can also use MRT to reach Ocean Park. We spent the whole day here. Summer loved the large aquarium as this kid is obsessed with fish! If you would ask me though, just skip Ocean Park if your kid/s are below 5. Most … Continue reading Hello Hong Kong with 18 months old baby

Lovely Langkawi with 1.5 year old baby

It's my first time to set foot in Langkawi, Malaysia. I heard so much about it since I moved to Singapore but didn't have the chance to visit. But now that im living in Penang, I will not miss the opportunity.We flew from Penang around 5pm and arrived langkawi before 6pm. It only took us … Continue reading Lovely Langkawi with 1.5 year old baby

Hat Yai Trip with baby

January 2017 So we decided to spend our Chinese New Year to Hat Yai this time of the year since our friend will be busy with their own families. So we book out bus tickets on Easybook website. They are reliable and popular in Malaysia. The bus itself was very comfortable as It was 4 … Continue reading Hat Yai Trip with baby

Beautiful Baguio City in Summer

It is Summer and Louie's first time in Baguio and we are quite excited. This was my second time only. We left Manila at 5:30am and reach Baguio around 11:30am. With a lots of stop overs because we have 4 kids and 2 babies. We are 16 all in all enjoying the ride in 2 … Continue reading Beautiful Baguio City in Summer

Summer Sunshine in San Juan, La Union 

This was the second leg of our  family trip going down from Baguio. Check our Baguio trip here . It was 2 hour journey to La Union. La Union is located in ilocos region. Northern part of Luzon, Philippines. We checked into Costa Villa Resort for theee day - two nights fam trip . It is … Continue reading Summer Sunshine in San Juan, La Union 

Travel Guide to Perth, Australia

It's my first time in Australia and I am with my dear colleagues and of course the most special colleague- the hubby. We reached Perth Airport  around 11am and its chilly. My unforgettable experience in the immigration itself was funny. The officer speaks really thick Aussie accent and I can't understand him. He end up … Continue reading Travel Guide to Perth, Australia

Penang , Malaysia

Its my first time to set foot in Penang and I didn't expected that this will be my new home for now. Because we have visa problem in Sabah We detoured in Penang. Penang the land of sunrise to me. An Island with a lot of hills. Food are really tasty and awesome. And the … Continue reading Penang , Malaysia

Bali with 10 months old baby

It's our second time in Bali and i'm excited that Summer is with us. It's so fun that Summer is able to play now and are more responsive to people around her. So I'm excited for summer to join this conference with us as we are going to meet our dear friends. We went to … Continue reading Bali with 10 months old baby

Sabah: The Land Below the Wind

We had the privilege to stay in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for 2 months. November - December 2015. We were sent there for mission work but our working visa didn't get through so we need to leave. We are grateful we had the chance to live there though. Kota Kinabalu is a beautiful laidback city rich … Continue reading Sabah: The Land Below the Wind

10 Things I Learn as New Airbnb host

My 2nd Airbnb: little chic and cozy homeAfter experiencing being Airbnb guest in few of our travels, I decided to list one of my studio unit in Quezon City. In 2016, my mom and I plunged into this Airbnb world without any clue what is ahead of us . I am working overseas in Malaysia … Continue reading 10 Things I Learn as New Airbnb host

Incredible Ilocos Norte with Family

It's most of us first time in Ilocos Norte. We had a four day road trip with my family and Louie's family in Ilocos region. It's beautiful though it's extremely hot. Because We are Ilocanos and we speak their local dialect We felt at home instantly. We spent most of the days in Ilocos Norte … Continue reading Incredible Ilocos Norte with Family

Singapore: The Little Manicured City

Singapore is a tropical island in the southern part of Malaysia. About 680Sq Km in size about half of Hong Kong Size but has whopping 5.8 million inhabitants. Previously a part of malaysia 50 years ago, this country grew so much economically after they got kicked out as one of State of Malaysia. I lived … Continue reading Singapore: The Little Manicured City


Ok so the only time that I could explore Singapore is when I have friends and families who visits and I need to tour them around:) I must say, Singapore did a great job manicuring this little city. Rode the Singapore flyers for second time in 6 years haha.. Still fascinating to see Singapore., the … Continue reading Singapore

13 Tips in Preparing Your New Condo for Airbnb 

So you've been thinking about being Airbnb host recently? I know the feeling! It's exciting but you don't know what to expect really. I've been there and it's very normal. It's been almost 2 years since I started my Airbnb Journey and now with 2 units up and running, I can say that I already … Continue reading 13 Tips in Preparing Your New Condo for Airbnb 

One Epic day in Hue, Vietnam

So, we are in the third leg of our 5 H trip. We woke up early to catch the bus to Hue from Hoi An. Check out Hoi An trip Here  Hue is known as the home of the emperors and it is the Empire capital  of Vietnam. It was once a capital city of Nguyen Dynasty … Continue reading One Epic day in Hue, Vietnam

6 Things to Do in Hoi An, Vietnam

This was the second leg of your 5 H Vietnam trip. 1. Ho Chi Minh 2. Hoi An 3. Hue 4. Hanoi 5. Halong Bay We flew from Ho Chi Minh to Danang (nearest airport to Hoi An) for about an hour plus. Upon reaching Danang, we realized that the bus station was very far and it is a … Continue reading 6 Things to Do in Hoi An, Vietnam