Gratitude: The Secret of a Joyful Traveller 

For a travel enthusiast like me, it's very easy to fall into a trap of finding our joy in travelling. It's true travelling  really gives me joy but thinking that's the only way to be joyful can be very dangerous. I cannot afford to be travelling all the time right? Though sometimes I day dream … Continue reading Gratitude: The Secret of a Joyful Traveller 

Why are you travelling? 

As I start blogging my travels and after a month into it,  it makes me think deeply why do I want to start a travel blog. Some question that comes to my mind: Is this important? Will the people that I will inspire through my blog really need travelling as part of their lifestyle? Why … Continue reading Why are you travelling? 

Grateful Traveller

I am excited to talk about gratitude and travelling and why my blog is called Grateful traveller.  I've been wanting to write about gratitude for a long time now. I believe this virtue is so important and so effective in making our lives lighter, more joyful and meaningful yet it is so hard to practice … Continue reading Grateful Traveller

When the beach says “I love you”

So beautiful isn't? I came back recently from my trip to Western Australia and had my best reflecting times in this beach. It's for our junior staff retreat in church. Oh man I just love Australia, people there are just blessed to have amazing and breathtaking sceneries. That trip was so special because it makes … Continue reading When the beach says “I love you”