10 Tips on How to be an Airbnb Superhost 

I’m thrilled that my first post about 10 things I learn as a new Airbnb host
was helpful to my readers so I decided to post another one.

(If you are still in the process of preparing your unit for Airbnb and haven’t really started hosting, Read here )

I believe every new host’s goal is to be better and better one guest at a time. In Airbnb, Superhost status is just one of the way we measure ourselves if we are hosting the right way or not.

I get my first superhost status last April 2017 and I can’t tell you how much I am thrilled and excited. I got the second one last July 2017. Of course, I cannot take all the credit as the true super host here is my mom.

Superhost in Airbnb means you hosted at least 10 guest within the year, have 90% response rate and 80% of your reviews need to be 5 stars. Also superhost don’t cancel confirmed reservations.

Why do we need this badge in our profile? Is it important?

Well, aside from “assurance” from Airbnb itself that you are doing a great job hosting, for me it gives me a bit of confidence that i am doing something right. Well this badge doesn’t says you are the perfect in everything but It serves as a little pat on a back for the host.

When it comes to your listing, it actually gives potential guest a security that you are committed and a responsible host. So if you have superhost status, there is a high probability that more guests will confirm their reservations.

Also Airbnb have this filter that if potential guests choose that filter to find a listing , they can see only superhosts listings. It means the higher the chance you can get bookings.

And if you haven’t heard this yet, there’s a $100usd travel credit from Airbnb for those who are Superhost for 4 consecutive assessment (1 year). Awesome right???!

Of course these all sounds easy to achieve but it is not. It requires a lot of commitment and dedication . Again I am a newbie in Airbnb and far from being an expert but here are some of my tips in order for you to be a superhost in Airbnb.

Since super host status is being measured by these three criteria, I group my tips accordingly:


Commitment Rate :

1. Be on top on checking your calendar

Making sure your CALENDAR IS CLEAN is VERY important. It means you need to be sure that your house is free to accept guest on your available dates on your listing, not double booked or worst no one is available to clean the house on that day.

Especially if you “ON” your instant booking, make sure and confirm that your place is available on the dates that are not blocked.

If you cancel booking without very important reason, you will not be qualified as a super host on the next assessment period.

Tips from experience :What helps me is that if there’s a date that I’m not really sure if I can make it or not, I will block those dates immediately. It’s easier to unblock than cancel a confirmed reservation.

Response Rate :

2. Be ONLINE 24-hours.

Since your guest will be from all over the world, make sure you are connected all the time to the internet and answer your potential guest queries promptly. If theres no way for you to be online 24 hours, have someone to do co-hosting with you to help you answer queries promptly.

Tips from experience :I remember eyeing for a nice Airbnb house two months ago for my family vacation and I messaged the host excitedly! Unfortunately, he only replied to me after 1 week. I obviously booked another place that replied faster and with instant booking.

Also once they are confirmed and few days before check in It’s a good habit to always be the one to initiate to contact them before they do. This will make them feel that you care and they will feel more welcome even though they haven’t step in to your home yet.

Overall Rating:

This can be tricky as the rates will be coming from guests and theres no one way we can make sure they will give 5- star all the time. Especially for new Airbnb guest sometimes they will just score lower than 5 for o reason at all. But here are some of the things I think guest will appreciate that may get you their thumbs up.

3. Be flexible.

Let’s talk about the time of your check in and check out. I don’t recommend putting 24 hour check-in (even though you are willing) because if you do, you are basically setting your guest to have a very high expectation on you. If you have a check in time for example 2pm-4pm and the guest request a different time, if you are available then go an extra mile to accommodate them. Be flexible on your time.

The guest will be grateful that you are flexible. The idea is in a way you are putting down their expectation but giving them extra service it means more better reviews waiting for you.

4. Clean your toilet. I mean sparkling clean.

Why? Because if your toilet stinks, it actually can make your whole house smelly. Nothing turns me off more than a dirty comfort room. This is important to note especially if you are letting other people/agency to clean your house. You make sure you tell them to be extra clean when it comes to this area.
Tip from experience : I have one guest who give a private message about the smell in the toilet (turns out it’s because he put a lot of wet and damp rugs inside) and put down my rate when it comes to cleanliness. I’m glad he gave me all 5 stars in other ratings.

Well the truth is usually guests will be kind enough not to put that in your reviews but they will totally skip reviewing you because they are not totally satisfied. The lesser reviews lesser chance being a superhost.

5. Provide extra bedsheets, blanket and towels.

If your guests are staying 4 nights and above, make sure you have extra bedsheets and towels for them. This is not a must but your guest will appreciate this one. Especially in countries of SEA , sweat makes these essentials smells and looks dirty very easily.

6. Be a good neighbor and get familiar with your neighbourhood .

My mom is excellent on this. She befriended our neighbors and even security guards. Security in condos like mine is really strict so you need to be extra friendly to them knowing them by name and giving them tips$ from time to time.

In case of emergency, you can rely on them. For example, you are not free and your guest really need to check in on a certain time or you have a problem with keys etc , you can ask them a favor. You trust them they trust you. Win win!

Also, if your neighbors know you are doing Airbnb business and you are in good terms with them, they will be friendly/ helpful on your guest. This will add a plus point experience to your guest experience.

Remember it is a whole package and it is not just about your room /house.

What are the nice cafes, restaurants and shops surrounding your area? If your guest ask you can you confidently answer?

Tip from experience : I have a lot of experiences about this as I listed my house without even sleeping and living there before. One of my guest asked me what time is my pool closing and opening and I was speechless. My advise for those who are overseas or maybe have another house, make it to a point that you experience living in your place even just for 1 week. You’ll be amazed how much you will know about your area and even the needs guest will have in the future.

7. Ask your guest to give you a good review.

The first few guests I have I humbly asked them to leave a good review in Airbnb. Of course ask those who you think will respond positively.

Often my guest are appreciative and expresses it in our private messages but they sometimes will leave one liner word like- “Everything went well.” in the public reviews. Maybe they don’t know how important this review is for you so just let them know.

What I did is right after they check out before they write their reviews, I will thank them in my private message (thanks to saved messages I don’t need to always type it) and ask if they could give me a good review since I am starting up my Airbnb listing. So far those I asked left a good and positive reviews.

This will help you increase your percentage of good reviews. This one really works for me a lot!

8. There’s Coffee maker and microwave oven in the house!!!

I know again this are not necessary but there’s something about coffee maker that will make your place feels at home. Maybe it’s something to do with the coffee smell in the morning. Also putting a sachet or bag coffee and tea in the table is always appreciated. Making sure our guests have a good morning is a must!

9. Put interesting books and magazines around.

It’s always nice to come home to place where books or reading materials are available. It makes us feel at home . Put classics novels, recipe book or something to do with travelling. I even put postcards for them to write. Choose books that talks about your local culture or local cuisine. If you want to go extra further, provide them a map of your city like I did.

10. Decorate like a pro.

It’s easier than you thought. Instead of painting I use pretty wall paper to beautify my living room . I use different kinds of frames and even print my own photos to save money and to make it more artsy. Just make sure do not put a lot of personal photos in there that will make the guest feel like a stranger in the house. The idea is for them to make feel at home.

If you want more modern artsy photos and cheap uniques Ones: Get it from here❤️Tip from experience Also if you don’t like drilling a lot in your place, you can use a double sided tape that is intended to hold photo frames not more than 2-3kgs (try 3m brand available in bookstores) . It worked for me, check out my listing.<<<<<<<
‘m saying that, a unique, cozy, artsy listing is more likely to be booked. So get creative and start making your place prettier and soon you’ll be on your way in becoming a superhost!

So there you go 10 hopefully useful tips for you!

These tips are very simple and supposed to be common sense but trust me, you need to be extra excellent on these little things and you will surely soar high as a host.

If you have done your part and still not getting that badge, it is totally ok as long as you know that you are striving to be a better host in your own ways . I believe you will be successful one day and it is just a matter of time.

Hope these tips helps. Check out another post of mine about how to increase bookings in airbnb. check here.

You can also let me know some tips you have and we can share and learn together.

Love, J

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